BREAKING Condor flight DE2032 to Seattle made an emergency landing in Iceland due to a bomb threat

A Condor flight turned around over Greenland and was diverted to Keflavik, Iceland due to a bomb threat.

Condor flight DE2032, a Boeing 767-300, was flying from Frankfurt, Germany, to Seattle. However, there was a bomb threat turned in, and the plane was forced to an emergency landing.

All passengers have been sent to a shed to be guarded by cops with MP5’s . They did allow use of two bathrooms for 266 people.

An passenger tweeted, “We have been herded through the Reykjavik airport for hours like as if we’re all guilty. Made to stand & sit in crowds of unmasked passengers for hours. Major superspreader event. Expect most of us will go home with Covid”

Local Icelandic Police did a detailed has search of everyone’s carry-on and personal belongings.

According to source, the bomb threat was written in the lavatory’s mirror.


A Boeing 767 has be sent to Reykjavik for pax to resume their journey to Seattle.

Nick Wayne, the teenage sensation from Seattle, Washington was among the passengers, accompanied by his mother, Shayna Edwards.

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