BREAKING Crash of an A320 in south of France – more details

Raw video footage of plane crash site:

German education official says high school group from Haltern was on board plane that crashed in French Alps – @AP
Pictures of debris found at crash site (via Le Dauphine/ La Provence).

We have reports crashed #Germanwings #4U9525 plane has ‘disintegrated,’ and ‘largest debris is the size of a car’.

French officer at Germanwings crash site says no apparent survivors; recovery likely to take days.

From reports we have, #Germanwings #4U9525 The plane is completely disintegrated. Debris spread over more than 2 kilometers.

Here is crash area of GermanWings in the french alps “les trois évêchés”.

Bodies of #germanwings victims to be kept in emergency morgue in a gym in the village of Seyne-Les-Alpes.

Germanwings Crew did not send mayday signal. ATC declared the emergency.

Here is the 3D flight path from FlightAware:

Emergency units staging in Seyne-les-Alpes, near #4U9525 crash site

Probably no french victims.
45 Spanish were on board.
Here is photo of the crash area:

An Airbus A320 crashed in the area of Digne up the massive “Trois évêchés”.
144 passengers, 2 pilots and 4 crew members were on board from Barcelona to Dusseldorf.

The flight 4U9525 disappeared  at 09:39 UTC from radar.

Registration D-AIPX.
The aircraft was delivered on 1991-02-05 to Lufthansa.

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Frrench PM confirms crash, 142 passengers, goes down near Digne-Les-Bains.

President Hollande says there are no survivors from crash

Distress call was received by ATC at 9:47 UTC.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve says debris from the plane has already been found.