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Flybe flight #BE331 from Belfast BHD to Inverness is circling since departure and declaring an emergency.

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  • UPDATE 14:23 Passengers have been safely evacuated on runway.
  • UPDATE 13:53 Runway 35 is now in use, easyJet #U26756 from Malaga was the first plane to land after the incident.
  • UPDATE 13:45 Runway 25 closed, fire services on scene.

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  • UPDATE 13:43 Confirmation Flybe #BE331 landed at Belfast BFS with nose gear up, stopped on runway.
  • UPDATE 13:23 After burning fuel for 2 hours, Flybe #BE331 is going to Belfast BFS.
  • UPDATE 12:40 Flybe #BE331 will continue to burn fuel in holding pattern to reduce weight as much as possible before an emergency landing.
  • UPDATE 12:36 Flybe #BE331 is now declaring an emergency.
  • UPDATE 12:20 The plane is circling since one hour at 3,825 ft.

The Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (reg. G-JEDU) took off at 11:20 (local time) and reported possible nose gear issue.

Flybe Statement

A Flybe spokesperson said: “Flybe can confirm that there has been an incident involving one of our Bombardier Q-400 aircraft, flight no BE331 which landed with no nose gear in place.
“The aircraft departed from Belfast City at 1107 local time bound for Inverness. The incident occurred at Belfast International Airport at approximately 1330 local time.
“There are 52 passengers on board and four crew members. Our primary concern is for the welfare of the passengers and crew.”

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