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A Mirage 2000 crashed approximately 9 miles northeast of Skyros island.

The aircraft was returning to its base after a dog fight with Turkish fighter jets that violated Greece´s airspace according to Greek media.

  • UPDATE Greek fighter pilot killed in crash after Turkish intercept mission: officials.
  • UPDATE Greek Ministry of Defence says there was no dogfight. By the time pair of Greek Mirage jets arrived to engage, the Turkish jets had vanished from Greek airspace.
  • UPDATE Pilot of second Mirage 2000 in the area said didn’t see any parachute as the first jet went down so the pilot probably didn’t eject.

Pilot missing, huge search and rescue operation underway. Navy vessel dispatched to search the area while fate of jet’s pilot remains unknown.

Greek media says that the aircraft was returning from an alleged dog fight with Turkish F-16.

Turkish military announced that there was no Turkish aircraft in the region.

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