Several people complained about respiratory irritation on Sunday afternoon, the airport had to be evacuated and flight operations were stopped. According to initial report, 50 passengers are injured.

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  • UPDATE 1530 UTC The airport toxin could be pepper spray spread via air conditioning system.
  • UPDATE 1356 UTC 68 people treated at the airport, officials say the incident is not related to terrorism.
  • UPDATE 1328 UTC The firebridage is reportedly in the process of establishing first aid posts for all who have inhaled the toxic substance.
  • UPDATE 1306 UTC SAS #SK4829 from Oslo is the second flight ti land after interruption.
  • UPDATE 1258 UTC Traffic is resuming, Eurowings #EW4333 is the first to land.
  • UPDATE 1256 UTC Passengers are being allowed to re-enter Hamburg airport terminals.

The alarm triggered late in the morning when nasty odors appeared an several people complained about respiratory irritation at Hamburg airport.

©Fabian Wittke

The German news agency dpa reported that 50 people complained about breathing problems and burning eyes Sunday and firefighters started examining them to find out whether they had to be taken to the hospital.

Immediately, five emergency doctors, several rescue cars and more than 50 people were deployed. The rescuers evacuated terminals 1 and 2 and finally, the entire airport was finally evacuated.

Since 11200 UTC, no takeoffs or landings, the air traffic is closed. The airport fire brigade is deployed. The press office at the airport says the flight operations will soon be resumed.

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