BREAKING Wreckage of missing helicopter has been found! All 5 onboard killed


Wreckage of Eurocopter AS55 Ecureuil 2 (reg. G-OHCP) has been found in the Rhinog Mountains, North Wales. All 5 killed.

A massive air and land search was launched on Wednesday after the aircraft vanished en route from Luton to Dublin.

Supt Gareth Evans of North Wales Police said on Thursday the crash site had been located and the bodies of all five people on board had been found.

A mountain rescue team found the wreckage in the Rhinog mountains between Trawsfynydd and Harlech.

A spokesman for the UK Coastguard said it was coordinating a search operation in the Caernarfon Bay area of North Wales.

The privately owned twin squirrel red helicopter is believed to have left Milton Keynes on Wednesday and was heading to Dublin via Caernarfon Bay.

The spokesman said radar contact with the helicopter was lost on Wednesday afternoon and the Coastguard was notified to start a search operation at 4.15pm.