According to reports, A 35-year-old man from Northern Ireland,  died after the incident outside the departure terminal of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday. 
He was found lying unconscious on the ground floor of the passenger terminal after leaping from a gate at the arrivals hall. 
It has been reported that he tried something similar earlier the same day but was stopped by airport police.
Staff said he initially refused to speak but then revealed he didn’t have any money for the flight home. 
He was quarantined for his own safety but keep leaving for cigarette breaks every ten minutes, police said. 
Staff failed to contact his relatives he asked to go for another cigarette break. While outside, he bolted to the elevated bridge between gates 3 and 4 and jumped about 15 meters to the ground.
Thai media reported that airport staff are working in conjunction with the UK embassy to arrange for his body to be sent back to his hometown.
Source : The Sunday World 

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