Flight LS189 returned to Glasgow airport due to a technical issue.

Jet2 #LS189 to Palma de Mallorca declared an emergency seconds after takeoff from Glasgow due to pitch control issue.

  • UPDATE 0837UTC The Boeing 737-800 flight LS189 will be replaced by a Boeing 757 to Palma de Mallorca.
  • UPDATE 0806UTC Runway to open imminently, LS189 being towed with fire crew escort.
  • UPDATE 0756UTC British Airways #BA2956 and #BA1472 are waiting for landing clearance.
  • UPDATE 0752UTC EasyJet #U2463 from Belfast to Glasgow is diverting to Prestwick after holding.
  • UPDATE 0750UTC Glasgow runway is closed, all flights holding after Jet2 #LS189 emergency landing.
  • UPDATE 0730UTC Jet2 #LS189 Boeing 737-800 safely landed at Glasgow, followed by fire crew.
  • UPDATE 0728UTC We have confirmation Jet2 #LS189 is returning to Glasgow due to pitch control issue.
  • UPDATE 0725UTC Jet2 #LS189 is on final approach to Glasgow.
  • UPDATE 0715UTC Jet2 #LS189 is entering holding pattern near Glasgow.

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