Video of firemen vehicles reaching A400M crash site near Seville airport

20:35 Germany grounds Airbus A400M after Spain crash

20:30 Britain’s RAF suspends A400M flights after Spain crash 

1952: Rajoy is asking a meeting with France and Germany.

18:34 2 flight engineers are alive. All rest of the crew (four) are assumed dead but no confirmation.

18:30 Flight data

15:37 Spanish emergency services say 7 on crashed #A400M in Seville; 3 dead, 2 seriously injured, 2 unaccounted (@ReutersAero)

15:35 The #A400M was for Turkish Airforce and crashed at 167 knots

14:53 Here is the A400M trajectory.

14:27 Up to 10 people were thought to be on board.

14:25 Spanish PM says crew died in #A400M military air crash near Seville airport.

13:57 First pictures of the crash site at Seville.

13:50 Video of the crash smoke from road.

13:43 Seven people may been on board.

13:41 From information we got, the A400M dropped behind aeronautical area.

13:38 Due to the crash, Sevilla airport os closed.

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