Bad weather is affecting flights to and from Keflavik Airport.

Most flights are cancelled on Thursday morning due to extreme weather at Keflavik Airport.

Isavia, which operates Keflavík Airport, operates in accordance with rules on actions and responses when the weather conditions at Keflavík Airport are severe. These rules focus on ensuring the safety of passengers.

When weather conditions at Keflavík Airport are severe it may be necessary to limit the use of passenger boarding bridges (PBBs) to avoid injuries and, additionally, prevent damage to machinery and equipment.

Gusts over 50 knots (approx. 26 m/s) – all use of PBBs (passenger boarding bridges) discontinued for safety reasons, i.e. to ensure passenger safety and prevent accidents.

If an aircraft lands under conditions preventing the use of PBBs, the aircraft must wait on the apron until the wind strength has fallen below reference limits. The handling of aircraft in a parking slot is the responsibility of the air carrier and the ground handling agent.

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