BREAKING New day of chaos in west European airports due to snow and strong wind (live updates)

West European airports are facing huge delays due to weather (snow and strong wind).

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London Heathrow
UPDATE 10:30 UTC Wind gusts of 18 kts.
Arrivals regulated due to weather (Snow).
Moderate to high delays after 1000 UTC.
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London City
Arrivals regulated due to low clouds.
Moderate delays.

London Gatwick
Arrivals regulated due to AD capacity.
Moderate to high delays.

Arrivals regulated due to Snow.
Moderate delays .

UDATE 13:55 UTC Airport closed until 17:00 UTC due to snow. Low rate afterwards.

Arrivals regulated due to weather all the day (Low visibility and heavy snowing).
KLM has already cancelled 122 flights today.

UPDATE 12:23 UTC Airport has been closed due to heavy snowfall.

Paris CDG
UPDATE 11:36 UTC Wind gusts of 46 kts reported.

Paris Orly
UPDATE 12:14 UTC Wind gusts of 44 kts reported.
Arrivals regulated due to strong wind.
Low to moderate delays.

UPDATE 11:36 UTC Airport closed until 21:00 UTC due to snow.
PBN procedure applied.
Very high delays.

Arrivals regulated due to strong wind.
Moderate delays.