BREAKING NEWS: AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Not Authorised to fly!

         Sky News are reporting that the Air
Asia Flight QZ8501 was not authorised to fly and that the company could lose
its licence in Indonesia as it emerges the doomed flight was not allowed to
travel on the day of the crash.
Indonesia’s transport ministry has suspended all
AirAsia flights between Surabaya and Singapore – the route where the plane went
missing in the early hours of 28 December.
The budget airline’s other schedules are also
under investigation, as it was not permitted to make this journey on Sundays.It
comes as ships
searching for the wreckage pinpointed “four big objects”
 on the seabed, with underwater remote operating
vehicles attempting to capture images of the debris.
No survivors have been found from Flight QZ8501,
which had 162 people on board, including one Briton. 
The pilot, who had 6,100 flying hours on the A320, had
asked to ascend to 38,000ft (11,600m) before contact was lost with air traffic
Radar data appears to show that the plane made an
“unbelievably” steep climb before it crashed, possibly beyond the
capabilities of the aircraft.
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