BREAKING NEWS! Germanwings Plane appears to have been deliberately crashed -@flightcrisis

The Marseille Prosecutor has suggested that the co-pilot has intentionally crashed the Germanwings flight into the French Alps on Tuesday as he was in sole control of the aircraft. He appeared to be breathing normally and refused to let the pilot re-enter the cockpit.

Speaking at a conference this morning the prosecutor said that the pilot initiated the descent and  was alive until the point of the crash.

The Co-pilot has been named as German National Andreas Lubitz.

Lubitz used the flight monitoring system to start the descent of the plane. This has to be done manually and can not happen automatically.
The prosecutor reports that

“We hear several cries from the captain asking to get in. Through the intercom system he identifies himself – but there is no answer. He knocks on the door and
asks for it to be opened – but there is no answer.”

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