According to Civil Aviation Authority’s spokesman, the flight #PK661 was on its way from Chitral to Islamabad when it lost connection with the control tower at 1620 LT today.

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  • UPDATE 1440 UTC 21 bodies recovered from scene of Pakistan plane crash, military says.
  • UPDATE 1432 UTC  First video following PIA ATR-42 #PK661 crash.

  • UPDATE 1357 UTC Captain name was Alehyar Janjua. Here is his video of landing Chitral, Pakistan on board the ATR-42.
  • UPDATE 1344 UTC The ATR-42 aircraft reg. AP-BHO was “nearly 10 years old” and already involved in an incident during landing at Lahore in 2009. Nose and main landing gear collapsed during landing.
  • UPDATE 1335 UTC PIA Spokesman said “A distress call was sent to the control tower”.
  • UPDATE 1320 UTC Confirmation flight #PK661 crashed;
  • UPDATE 1300 UTC List of passengers flight #PK661
  • UPDATE 1222 UTC Pakistan International Airlines confirms plane is missing after takeoff.
  • UPDATE 1210 UTC Flight #PK661 was carrying around 40 persons.

The CAA spokesman said the plane was scheduled to land at Islamabad airport; hence, the information is being gathered if the plane was crashed.

According to police sources, Rescue teams have been dispatched.

The sources said the ill-fated plane has crashed in a suburban area of Havilian.

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