Pilot of Air France #AF642 reported a floating object off Reunion island

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UPDATE SATURDAY The debris left Paris by road to Toulouse, escorted by police.

UPDATE SATURDAY The MH370 flaperon arrived at Paris ORY.

UPDATE 07:24 Boeing 777 flaperon will leave LaReunion tonight and arrive in France tomorrow morning.

UPDATE 14:30UTC A dozen of Malaysian experts just arrived at La Réunion Island.

UPDATE 12:38UTC Here is the serial number of plane debris: ‘657-BB’

UPDATE 10:42UTC Malaysian PM says debris to be taken to BEA office in Toulouse.

UPDATE 09:11UTC The code ‘657-BB’ found on wreckage could be 777 flaperon according to the maintenance manual.

UPDATE 07:50UTC Map from one year ago eerily predicts MH370 wreckage would arrive in La Reunion. 

UPDATE “It is almost certain that the flaperon is from a Boeing 777 aircraft. Our chief investigator here told me this,” Malaysian Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi told Reuters.

UPDATE 06:58UTC Australia’s deputy prime minister says number found on plane wreckage not a serial number, but will be investigated.

UPDATE 22:34UTC Boeing says the only missing plane of that type is the Malaysian Airlines #MH370 that disappeared.

UPDATE 22:10UTC The official says investigators — including a Boeing air safety investigator — have identified the component as a “flaperon” from the trailing edge of a 777 wing.

UPDATE 22:35UTC US official: Debris in photo belongs to same type of aircraft as the missing Malaysia plane.

UPDATE Incredible similarities with Boeing 777’s flaperon.

UPDATE Video of debris found on Saint-André coast.

UPDATE 19:20UTC Eric Chesneau, with the air transport police of the French Indian Ocean territory, on speculation about the debris found on Reunion Island. ‘People are getting ahead of themselves over this. It is more than likely plane debris, (but) we don’t know what exact part it may be’.

UPDATE 17:30UTC Experts: debris found on Reunion Island show ‘incredible similarities with Boeing 777’.

UPDATE This is precisely where the debris been found on La Réunion coast.

The debris of a wing plane was found this morning on west coast of La Réunion (French Island).

The presence of many shells, investigators confirm that the debris remained a while in the water.

An investigation was opened to determine the origin of the flight track. No track is currently preferred . Three hypotheses are nevertheless mentioned: 

  • A debris from the crash of a twin-engine occurred May 4, 2006 close to the southern coast of the island.
  • A fragment of the flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines reported missing in the Indian Ocean in March 2014. 
  • A piece of the A310 of Yemenia crashed off the Comoros in June 2009.