BREAKING Plane carrying members of Brazil’s Chapecoense Real football team has crashed near the Colombian city of Medellin


An Aerospace 146 Avro RJ85 carrying the Brazil’s Chapecoense football team has crashed in Colombia, en route to the Copa Sudamericana finals.

Investigators say it is ‘very suspicious’ that the plane did not explode on impact as it smashed into a mountain on its way from Bolivia to the Colombian city of Medellin.

A surviving flight attendant is believed to have told authorities that the plane, which was carrying 77 passengers and crew, ran out of fuel minutes before its scheduled landing at Jose Maria Cordova airport.

The theory comes after claims that the pilot of the jet Miguel Alejandro Quiroga Murakami had deliberately circled before landing in a bid to burn off or dump fuel and avoid a blast on impact.

Litsen to ATC of Lamia Avro RJ85 flight

Tuesday November, 29

  • UPDATE 2142 UTC Authorities in Colombia say 71 killed in plane crash, revising down earlier toll of 75, 6 survived, 4 did not board.
  • UPDATE 1940 UTC Officials recover 2 black boxes from Colombian plane crash site, Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority says.
  • UPDATE 1016 UTC Crash in Colombia kills 76 people, 5 survivors.
  • UPDATE 0920 UTC Name of survivors: Alan Ruschel, Jimena Suárez, Danilo, Edwin, Jackson Follman, and Rafael Henzel.
  • UPDATE 0845 UTC General Jose Acevedo Ossa indicates that 75 people have been killed in the crash, 6 survivors.
  • UPDATE 0822 UTC Rescue team suspends operations due to strong rainfall.
  • UPDATE 0802 UTC Mayor of La Ceja reports that at least 25 people have been killed in the crash.
  • UPDATE 0758 UTC South American Cup final suspended after plane crash.
  • UPDATE 0750 UTC Jackson Follmann is a player surviving, transferred to a center care of Rionegro, Antioquia.
  • UPDATE 0744 UTC Civil Aviation confirms that 81 passengers and crew memebers were on board the aircraft.
  • UPDATE 0700 UTC Reports say there are at least six survivors.

The plane crashed at around 10:15pm local time in Cerro Gordo in the municipality of La Union, according to Mi Oriente.


Aviation authorities said the British Aerospace 146 Avro RJ85 short-haul plane, operated by a Bolivian charter airline named Lamia, declared an emergency at 10 p.m. Monday (0300 GMT) due to an electrical failure. It suddenly lost altitude from FL21 to FL15 on mountain zone near MDE aft being on holding path.

Chapecoense football team at airport prior to the plane crash