A US-Bangla airlines plane crashed at the east side of runway at of Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport.

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  • UPDATE 15:30 UTC The death toll from the crash has reached 49, including 22 Nepali nationals. At least 14 Nepali students studying MBBS in Bangladesh were on board the ill-fated plane.
  • UPDATE 12:36 UTC Police sources say 40 people have been killed. 31 died at the airport and nine in hospital. A further nine are missing.
  • UPDATE 12:20 UTC A spokesman for Dhaka-based US-Bangla Airlines the flight that crashed in Kathmandu was carrying 67 passengers: 32 from Bangladesh, 33 from Nepal, 1 from China and 1 from the Maldives.
  • UPDATE 11:05 UTC Nepal police official says at least 38 killed, 23 injured in Kathmandu plane crash; 10 people still unaccounted for.
  • UPDATE 10:55 UTC At least 27 were killed in US-Bangla airlines plane’s crash in Nepal – official.
  • UPDATE 10:52 UTC The Russian Embassy in Nepal said that a total of 80 people were on board of the aircraft.
  • UPDATE 10:27 UTC 25 injured passengers have been rescued & sent to different hospitals for treatment. There were 37 males, 27 females & 2 child onboard the aircraft.
  • UPDATE 10:25 UTC Nepali Prime Minister and Home minister reached airport to coordinate rescue effort.
  • UPDATE 09:27 UTC First picture from crash site, the turboprop aircraft appears to be a Bombardier Dash-8 Q400.
  • UPDATE 09:14 UTC According to local media, the aircraft crashed after having crossed the threshold of Runway 02 (south-to-north) and after having apparently touched down.
  • UPDATE 09:08 UTC Bangladesh passenger aircraft ‘became unstable’ while descending, crashes at Nepal’s Kathmandu airport – airport official.

Dil Nisani Magar/@dil_nisani

Casualties are feared after a plane crashed at the airport in Kathmandu, Nepal, sending a huge cloud of smoke into the air, say eyewitnesses.

According to Airport spokesperson Prem Nath Thakur, the aircraft crashed at football ground.


US Bangla flight #BS211 is a scheduled four-times a week flight that departs Dhaka at 12:30 PM, arriving Kathmandu’s TIA at 2:15 PM.

ATC transcript by Jacdec:

KTH-Tower: „..BanglaStar211, runway..eh..cleared to land. Runway is vacated, either runway 02 or 20 ?“
BS211(male voice): „Yes Siur, we like to land on 20.“
KTH-Tower: „Okay runway 20, cleared to land. Wind is 270 degrees, six knots.“
BS211(male voice): „260 copied, cleared to land.“
KTH-Tower: „BanglaStar211, confirm you have the runway in sight?“
BS211(male voice): „Negative, Sir.“
KTH-Tower: „BanglaStar211, turn right and ah..you have the runway, confirm you have the runway not in sight, yet ?“
BS211(male voice): „Affirmative, we have (..) runway in sight. Requesting clear to land, Sir.“
KTH-Tower: „And BanglaStar211, cleared to land.“
BS211(male voice): „Cleared to land runway 02, BanglaStar212.“
KTH-Tower: „Roger, runway 02, cleared to land, BanglaStar211.“
BS211(male voice): „..sir, are we cleared to land ?“
KTH-Tower: „BanglaStar211, I say again..turn… (yelling in background).“
(end of BS211 transmissions)

Listening to the ATC, we realize the tower gave options to Bangla plane to land on either runway 02 or 20. The crew confirmed intention to land on runway 20 but finally chose runway 02.

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