Two Russian bombers were obviously flying over the coast of Europe today.

The alert was given at 0600 UTC by NATO Operations Center in Germany when 6 Russian planes were moving near the Norwegian coast. 4 of the 6 planes then turned around to Russia and 2 Russian bombers continued their flight to the United Kingdom.

Two Typhoon Eurofighter intercepted the Tu-160 Blackjack at the west of Ireland.

At 0630 UTC, French Air Force deployed an E-3F to track Russian bombers and also a C-135 tanker at 1000 UTC.

At around 1130 UTC 2 Mirage 2000-5 took off from Lorient to intercept the Blackjacks. 1 Rafale from Saint Dizier air base also joined the formation for an interception at 1200 UTC.

Heading to south, Spanish fighter F-18 also intercepted the Russian bombers before they turned back to Russia.

  • 1014 UTC Two Russian bombers estimated position was between the Faroe Islands and Shetland Islands then headed south westerly direction at FL280 in a loose formation.
  • 1113 UTC Two RAF Typhoons were scrambled from Coningsby.
  • 1349 UTC Russian bombers were estimated to be over the Celtic Sea heading north west.
  • 1418 UTC Russian bombers now passing the west coast of Ireland again heading north
  • 1420 UTC RAF Typhoon scrambled from Lossiemouth.

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