Indian media reports claimed the Mumbai-bound flight of Singapore Airlines mistakenly made an approach to land at the Juhu airport on Monday morning but it looks as a safe go-around procedure.

According to an Indian source “the Singapore pilots were in touch with the Mumbai air traffic control and were supposed to make an approach for runway 09 but saw the Juhu runway and headed for it”.

The Juhu runway is much shorter than the Mumbai runway (3750 feet) and so an erroneous landing onto the wrong runway would have resulted in an over run.

But the described mistake approach to Juhu Airport was actually a safe go-around procedure due to poor visibility.

The Airbus A350 (reg. 9V-SMH) was correctly lined up to runway 09 and decided a go around at 04:54 UTC due to poor visibility, turned left then right with a vertical speed of 1790 ft/min.

The flight #SQ422 landed safely 20 mins later.

According to RadarBox24.com (with a full coverage near Mumbai), the aircraft was never lined up to Juhu runway 08.

In a statement, Singapore Airlines maintains that “at no time did the pilots of #SQ422 mistake Juhu airport as Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.”


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