Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta lost power on Sunday reportedly leaving some passengers trapped in planes and inside the airport terminals.

Georgia Power sent repair teams to the scene to work on the issue, and they had been there since 1:30 p.m. ET, officials said.

Picture of damaged equipment that caused power outage at Atlanta Airport.

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  • UPDATE 09:55 UTC More than 400 flights now cancelled on Monday at Atlanta Airport.
  • UPDATE 05:00 UTC ‪Power is back and all passengers deplaned.
  • UPDATE 00:25 UTC Power is back at Concourse F.
  • UPDATE 23:45 UTC Georgia Power says fire may have caused outage at Atlanta Airport and hope to have power restored by midnight (local time).
  • UPDATE 23:30 UTC Atlanta Airport is being evacuated.
  • UPDATE 23:20 UTC ACARS message confirming to all jets that operations are cancelled for the rest of the day at Atlanta Airport.


  • UPDATE 22:25 UTC All JetBlue, American, Southwest, and United flights have been cancelled for the rest of the day at Atlanta Airport.
  • UPDATE 22:10 UTC FAA has lifted ground stop for north and south cargo ramps.
  • UPDATE 21:10 UTC  All Southwest flights to/from of Atlanta Airport are cancelled for the remainder of the day.
  • UPDATE 20:35 UTC The FAA is informing the tower at Atlanta Airport can operate normally.
  • UPDATE 20:25 UTC More than 2 hours now that Atlanta Airport is suffering power outage, still no departures but passengers stranded in planes are disembarked using movable stairs.
  • UPDATE 20:04 UTC Some passengers in Atlanta being let off planes on tarmac via movable stairs.
  • UPDATE 19:41 UTC Delta pilot told passengers a construction crew cut power line, causing outage at Atlanta Airport.

Delta airlines, which is headquartered in Atlanta, said they were aware of the power outage. Flight disruptions were expected and passengers should check the status of their flight, the airliner said.


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