Turkish Airlines #TK34 from Houston to Istanbul is diverting to Shannon after a suspected bomb found (ATC source).According to independent.ie, the crew became aware of the bomb threat after a written note was discovered on board. The crew informed their operations centre who in turn alerted authorities in Ireland.

The crew issued a Pan-Pan distressed call and requested permission to dump fuel over the Atlantic to ensure they touched down within safe landing weight levels.

There were 227 passengers and crew on board the Boeing 777-300 jet.

UPDATE Passengers still stranded at Shannon airport.

UPDATE 19:17UTC #TK34 is now on its way to Istanbul after earlier bomb threat.

UPDATE No explosives found on flight #TK34 that diverted to Ireland after paper with “bomb” written on it was found.

UPDATE #TK34 Pilot gave ATC cargo container refs to be inspected, implying specific pax’s luggage identified as source

UPDATE 11:08UTC #TK34 landed safely and will be evacuated at bomb scare area, a bomb disposal team will investigate.


UPDATE 10:59 UTC Emergency vehicles on standby, aircraft will be evacuated at a remote stand in Shannon.

UPDATE 10:53 UTC #TK34 is on approach to runway 24 at Shannon after suspected package found on board.


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