Turkish Airlines flight TK1878 from Milan to Istanbul.

The A320 registered TC-JPE did a first attempt to land at 0723UTC at Ataturk Airport, did a go around and then landed at second attempt at 0741UTC.

The first attempt to land may have caused the serious damage on the right gear and wing. The right engine caught fire.

Turkish from a parked plane cockpit

Confirmation on this photo that right gear collapsed during landing

It still not clear, but from this photo, it looks the right wing is damaged and the right gear collapsed.

Listen to Turkish Airlines Emergency Istanbul *PILOT AUDIO*

From reports we have, #TK1878 touched down, right gear collapsed, took off again then landed.

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Uçuş kodunu bulamadım, 5 dk. Önce çektiğim videodur.
Posted by Mehmet Fatih Camcı on samedi 25 avril 2015

Passengers evacuating flight #TK1878 right after landing at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul

Right landing gear may have collapsed. We don’t know if it is due to right engine exploded.

TK1878 flight path before landing

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