BREAKING Easyjet #U28552 to London Gatwick is declaring an emergency. Live:

UPDATE Easyjet #U28552 diverted to Toulouse due to medical emergency on board. UPDATE Easyjet #U28552 to London Gatwick safely landed at Toulouse. UPDATE Easyjet #U28552 to London Gatwick is diverting to Toulouse. BREAKING Easyjet #U28552 to London Gatwick is declaring an emergency. Live: — (@airlivenet) November 9, 2015

BREAKING Thomson flight attacked by rocket on approach to Sharm El Sheikh

UPDATE Alleged missile avoided by Thomson Airways plane in Sharm el-Sheikh in August was ‘probably a flare,’ spokesperson for parent company TUI Group says – @guardiannews. UPDATE Egypt’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Abu Zeid says Thomson Airways plane was in no danger and ‘airliners previously informed of military exercise and instructed of procedures’. UPDATE Egypt’s Foreign Minister Ahmed…

EMERGENCY American Airlines #AA622 made emergency landing after man ‘threatens to kill passengers’

American Airlines flight AA622 from Phoenix (Arizona) to New York City was carrying 128 passengers when it left Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport on Tuesday. An out-of-control passenger who forced the emergency landing of a Phoenix-New York flight in Kansas was busted by law enforcement waiting on the ground, officials said. The unidentified man aboard…

BREAKING Cargo plane heading crashed 800 meters from Juba International Airport runway

An Antonov An-12 has crash-landed near South Sudan’s airport shortly after taking off. (function() { var lb24 = document.createElement(‘script’); lb24.type = ‘text/javascript’; = ’24lbScript’; lb24.async = true; lb24.charset=”utf-8″; lb24.src = ‘//’; (document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0] || document.getElementsByTagName(‘body’)[0]).appendChild(lb24);})();