Credit: Cessna

Announcement of the new Cessna SkyCourier 408 to be launched by Federal Express.

An announcement yesterday will see the new Cessna Sky courier go into service by 2020 with its launch partner FedEx. Fedex have signed a deal with an initial fleet order of 50 cargo aircraft and options for 50 more for delivery starting in 2020.

The new twin-prop aircraft will come not only in a cargo variant carrying up to 6,000lbs of Cargo, but also a passenger variant with capacity of up to 19.

The new aircraft will be powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-65SCl with a 1,100 shp power rating, this will allow the to have a range of 900 nm and a cruise speed of 200ktas.

New features with the aircraft include:


  • A configuration allowing 3 LD3 shipping containers to be loaded
  • A large 87″ X 69″ cargo door with low doorsill height for easy loading
  • A new built in Cargo roller system


  • All around access with dual crew doors and separate aft passenger door
  • Efficient 19 passenger layout with large windows for natural light and views

More details can be found on Cessna’s website.

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