Source: The Courier Mail/Dom Chin

A passenger at Brisbane Airport set of a security screen today causing a security scare. The scare resulted in passengers on 11 flights that had already been boarded to deplane and go through security again. The re-screening componded delays caused from this morning’s Sydney Airport technical issue.

A Brisbane Airport spokesperson told The Courier Mail security Screens at the airport “were closed for 30 minutes as a result of the security breach.” And that the Australian Federal Police were investigating. The issue was resolved without incident.

Dom Chin was waiting for a friend and told The Courier Mail, “The whole place (departure lounge) was cordoned off and some security guards were searching everywhere. Searching the bush, searching the chairs, under the table and the garbage bin.”

9 News is reporting that the security scare was the result of a suspicious item found on a passenger or in a passengers luggage. 9 News says they have been told the cause of the scare was a large knife.

Brisbane Airport is Australia’s 3rd busiest airport based on passenger movements.

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