CHICAGO – Chicago O’Hare (KORD) experienced a traffic management program earlier today, also known as a “ground stop” due to severe weather in the area. According to the FAA’s Flight Delay Information website, all departures are currently experiencing a gate/taxi hold between 31-45 minutes. Also, arrivals from airports worldwide are still impacted, some being stuck on the ground not able to depart for hours.

For flights that departed before the ground stop was implemented, long holding patterns near Chicago O’Hare were being seen and are still being seen along with some aircraft being forced to divert. At the time of publishing, the FAA was stating some arrivals into O’Hare were being delayed an average of one hour and 53 minutes and over 13 flights intended for O’Hare were in a holding pattern somewhere near the airfield. 

To stay updated on KORD’s status visit the FAA’s Flight Delay Information website HERE

-Aiman Jarrar

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