Image source: ABC News Australia/Flickr: Deanster1983

A nose cone from the Concorde is going up for auction. The 3.35m (11ft) high nose cone with a 1.35m (4ft 6″) diameter base, will be auctioned off Thursday 22 February. The nose cone is believed to be the only unused nose cone from the few that were originally made for the fleet by BAC Aerospatial in the 1970’s.

JP Humbert Auctioneers in Northamptonshire expects the nose cone to go for between £45 000 and £60 000 (€50,860 – €67,813, $US63,014 – $US84,020, $A79,730 – $A106,000) plus a 23.40% fee including VAT.

Auctioneer Jonathon Humbert told media, “We appreciate this is not an inexpensive item, [b]ut I’d be hard pressed to think of a more exclusive and iconic item to sell than a famous nose cone from the world’s fastest commercial plane.”

Two other Concorde related items are also up for sale at the same auction. An original British Airways Concorde inaugural flight menu for the Heathrow-JFK, 22 November 1977 flight is listed at £400 – £600 (€452 – €678, $US560 – $US840, $A708 – $A1062). A 40cm x 40cm (15.75″ x 15.75″) photo display signed by chief Concorde pilot, Mike Bannister and photographer Adrian Meredith with a list price of £50 – £80 (€56 – €90, $US70 – $US112, $A89 – $142). Both also have the 23.4% fee including VAT.

The last Concorde flight 23 October 2003.

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