Coronavirus has pushed Ecuador to prevent planes from Europe landing.

Workers at the Jose Joaquin de Olmedo airport in the city of Guayaquil have parked their cars across the runway. A video footage, filmed from a helicopter, captured the scenes from the air.

The vehicles can be seen strewn up and down the ground, leaving no space for planes to land.

The Ecuadorian workers were reportedly ordered to park on the runway by the city’s Mayor Cynthia Viteri. The measure was reportedly brought in place by the city council.

The aim is said to been to prevent an Iberia Airbus A340 landing after taking off from Madrid.

The crew of Iberia #IB6453 from Madrid were informed that they were denied permission to land. They had to divert to the nation’s capital of Quito.

It was the same for KLM flight 755 from Amsterdam which had to divert to Quito.