If you look up at a late Friday morning, you’re likely to see a private jet or two. Friday at 11:00 am is the most popular takeoff time for private planes, according to PrivateFly’s recent research.

The private jet booking platform reveals that an average of 525 private jets took off last Friday in Europe.

These results are part of PrivateFly’s latest report , which looked at the preferences and habits of private jet travelers between April and June 2018.

Enjoy the morning
Business men and women can work at their desks or enjoy private lounges at the airport prior to their trip. Paris-Le Bourget Airport , for example, is just a 20-minute drive from La Défense. For holidays or special occasions, passengers can take their time and avoid the stress of early departures.

Enjoy the afternoon
For a typical flight of a few hours, travelers land in the early afternoon and can schedule a business meeting or relax the rest of the day.

Lunch in the air
On-board catering is another private jet experience, offering quality food and tailor-made menus. Take off at 11:00 to enjoy lunch on board.

The Friday Feeling
The popularity of the Friday is due to the increase in leisure flights at spring and summer, customers wishing to make the most of their holidays or to organize long weekends.

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