Drunk Indigo Airline Passenger Allegedly Tried To Enter Cockpit

The Indigo Airline had to offload a passenger who was drunk as he tried to enter the cockpit of the plane to charge his mobile phone. Luckily, this incident took place when the plane was on the ground and so, the Low-cost Carrier Indigo reported the Business Standard that the man was immediately removed from the plane after the incident took place.

Although this man was questioned by the various authorities, he did not face any charges.

The Guardian reports that this is the second incident which happened recently in Indigo Airline. Similar to this, a passenger boarded from Delhi was spotted opening the rear door of the plane while it was in mid-air. However, another passenger raised an alarm where the man opening the rear door was immediately stopped by the crew member and was handed over to the police officials in Patna.

Besides these, it was also reported that an Indigo airline passenger was noticed recording a video of the cabin crew as they were carrying on with their duties on board in a cross-country flight. This incident also took place in a low-cost Indigo flight from Kolkata to Mumbai.

The witnesses in the plane reported that the man ignored the orders to stop recording the video and so, they reported the same to the captain as he was refusing to put down his mobile phone.

When these incidents were thoroughly investigated by the respective authorities it was found that the Indigo airlines lacked competent security personnel and this was the sole reason for such incidents to took place for consecutively three times.

In a Russian plane, a similar incident took place recently. Showers of gold and silver bars fell from the sky. This incident occurred in the Siberian city of Yakutsk which is located 5000 miles from Moscow. The doors of the cargo plane opened all of a sudden and 3.4 tons of alloy containing both gold and silver came crashing down.

When further investigated about this incident, it was observed that plane’s cargo was destabilised during take-off and as the plane took off, the cargo shifted and damaged the plane’s lower hatch. The door sprang open and the gold and silver bars which were kept loose fell out of the plane. The plane had to return to the airport.