It was a flight passengers will never forget.

The turbulence was so bad that passengers got sick.

Some even thought that they wouldn’t survive.
The Delta Airlines flight from Paris was supposed to land in Newark, but violent turbulence sent it to Boston first.

The Boeing 767 flew into a line of storms over the water, circled over Long Island, and while still in the thick of it, tried to land at JFK but couldn’t, and then headed for safe harbor in Boston.

It was so dramatically turbulent, one passenger was injured and several got sick.

“Just felt a little queasy and I travel a lot, and I never feel that way, it was bumpy and there were quite a few people who did get ill,” a passenger said.

Some, a little more so.

“I was too sick to get nervous,” Garcia said.

“There were a few oohs and ahhs and serious astonishments and around me people did get sick. Yes, yes we jumped out of our seats, we had our seatbelts on, but the bumps, it was kind of like a roller coaster ride,” said Linda Pevy, a passenger.

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