An unruly passenger on United flight 898 from Houston to New Orleans forced pilots to make an emergency landing.

Just 25 minutes into the flight, passengers say a woman seated in the back row started yelling and hitting the wall of the plane.

“I hear a woman screaming in the back of the plane, you know, ‘we’re all protected and loved, we’re all protected and loved, this plane is going to land beautifully and kindly and beautifully,’” said passenger Julian Markowitz.


Passengers then jumped into action, chasing her down and tackling her just before she reached the front of the plane.

“It took five men to hold her down and it wasn’t easy. She was in a totally psychotic state. She was very aggressive,” Markowitz explained.

The jet returned to Houston late Saturday and the woman was hospitalized.

The FBI is now investigating the case.

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