A Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Las Vegas to Milwaukee was diverted to Denver last night after reporting a pressurization problem. Flight 100, which departed Las Vegas at 9pm Eastern, diverted to Denver after about 90 minutes. A spokesperson for the airport there tells that fire department crew members evaluated the passengers, but just one person was transported and that was for a slip-and-fall injury. Denver’s KMGH-TV reports that a Southwest statement referred to “a pressurization issue,” but did not elaborate.

 The statement says that 175 passengers and six crew members were aboard the Boeing 737-800, which will be taken out of service and inspected. Passengers continued on to Milwaukee on another aircraft. Earlier this week, three passengers aboard a SkyWest plane lost consciousness, but the airline says initial reports blaming a pressurization problem—the FAA says the crew itself reported the issue, notes USA Today—were incorrect. The official cause remains unclear.

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