INCIDENT Envoy Air Flight 3729 encountered severe turbulence that ripped off its winglet

An Embraer E175 was forced to divert after encountering severe turbulence.

Envoy Air Flight 3729 from Charleston, South Carolina to Dallas, Texas was diverted after encountering severe turbulence that ripped off part of its wing.

Passenger Brandon Owen shared a tweet with images of the stricken plane’s wing missing its winglet; for reference, below is what the wingtip of an E175 should look like. The entire upswept end portion of the wing, known as a winglet, is what sheared off in flight at 36,000 feet and forced the emergency diversion.

Winglets’ popularization on modern commercial airliners is primarily due to their ability to break up wingtip vortices that produce drag and reduce fuel economy.

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