INCIDENT Laser Airlines MD83 suffers engine failure on approach in Venezuela

A Laser Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 made an emergency landing at the Maiquetia airport after the failure of one of its engines.

The aircraft built in 1987, with registration YV3465, was en route flight QL-1903 from Porlamar to Caracas with a total of 116 people on board.

Passengers onboard reportedly said that the left hand Pratt & Whitney JT8Dengine caught fire due to a bird strike during approach in Caracas.

The aircraft safely landed on Caracas’ runway 28, and all people on board evacuated via slides. The airport emergency services were positioned on standby and attended to the aircraft swiftly.

The airline said that its crew executed the procedures established both in the manufacturer’s manuals and in the company’s operational manuals, approved by the Venezuelan aeronautical authority during the evacuation.

The investigation is being carried out. In a statement, the airline said:

“LASER Airlines undertakes to collaborate with the competent entities in the corresponding investigations to determine the causes that originated this ground fault.”

Feature Image: “Maiquetia Airport”

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Sharad Ranabhat