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JetBlue has come to the rescue after a jilted bridesmaid’s tweet went viral.

Courtney Duffy tweeted an SOS to JetBlue after receiving an email asking her to relinquish her bridesmaids role after booking cross country flights, and asking her to send her outfit cross country so a fill-in bridesmaid could wear it.

Ms Duffy included a screenshot of the email from the bride, only known as Alex. In the email Alex said it was because of an apparent conflict with Ms Duffy’s school schedule, but that she could still come to the wedding and have a fabulous time. Alex said in the email that it was one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do and, “please don’t feel like you’re letting me down, I am asking you to do this.”

JetBlue replied to the tweet saying “Yikes!” and asking Ms Duffy to DM them for options. JetBlue has since told AZ Central, via email, that they have waived cancellation fees on the ticket so Ms Duffy can save the airfare foe a future flight. “We can all understand the customer’s desire to get some distance from the situation.” Also in the email JetBlue Spokesperson Morgan Johnston told AZ Central, “JetBlue is also about bringing people together…and while feelings may be raw now, we hope one day these friends might be able to patch things up, so we’ve also offered her a vacation to use with her old friend at a future date.”

Most commentators sided with Ms Duffy, though some sided with the bride. Many were also questioning the choice of a jumpsuit for the bridesmaid’s outfits, while others also said that JetBlue should sent Ms Duffy on a holiday.

Many also praised JetBlue’s handling of the situation.

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