A Jetstar A320 undergoing refurbishment. (Copyright 9NEWS)

Australia’s Jetstar Airways has launched a refurbishment program for its A320 fleet, rearranging the configuration of their aircraft to fit an extra row of seats – without reducing legroom.

9NEWS reports that the airline’s renewal strategy has a multi-million dollar value and involves a major reconfiguration of the airplanes. Over a twelve-day period, the cabins are stripped apart so that overhead bins, galleys and toilets can be rearranged, with the fuselage cut into to add extra windows for the new row.

A Jetstar A320. (Copyright Airbus)

Jetstar Airways CEO Dean Salter explained that “Part of the process is stripping out the cabin, but also cutting into the fuselage to add to extra windows to make sure that every seat row and customer still has that window outlook.”

The passenger experience surprisingly suffers little negative impact, with legroom remaining identical across the fleet, and instead passengers can enjoy new slimline leather seats and larger overhead bins as part of the revamped experience.

The new slimline seats employed across the new A320 aircraft. (Copyright 9NEWS)

The savings from the refurbishment allow the airline to add six seats onto its aircraft, with Salter declaring that “more seats means lower fare ultimately. Lower cost and lower fares and more availability for passengers.”

The airline reports that the program will allow it to carry 600,000 extra passengers each year despite not adding any aircraft.

The new A320 cabin. (Copyright 9NEWS)

“It feels like a brand new aircraft,” Mr Salter said.

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