Lufthansa Group will use long-haul aircraft on flights from its main hubs to Berlin due to very high demand – starting October 23rd.

Flag-carrier Lufthansa (LH) will use the Airbus A330-300, A340-300 and A340-600 on selected flights from Frankfurt and Munich to Berlin Tegel starting 23OCT and the Boeing 747-400 from 01NOV.

UPDATE: Lufthansa to extend Boeing 747 Berlin operations to December 21st.

Starting 24OCT, its subsidiary Swiss (LX) will use the A330-300 on flights from Zurich to Berlin, and Austrian (OS) the Boeing 767-300 and 777-200 from Vienna to Berlin.

Additionally, these three Lufthansa Group airlines use the A321 instead of smaller singe aisle aircraft on all other flights to and from Berlin during the period from 23OCT to 25OCT.

Lufthansa will permanently switch all single aisle aircraft to Airbus A321 on the Frankfurt-Berlin route.

Here is an incomplete list of Lufthansa Group’s wide body flights to Berlin Tegel until 02NOV:


  • FRA-TXL A343 LH172
  • MUC-TXL A346 LH2772


  • ZRH-TXL A333 LX976
  • FRA-TXL A343 LH176
  • VIE-TXL B763 OS291
  • MUC-TXL A346 LH2772


  • ZRH-TXL A333 LX976
  • FRA-TXL A343 LH176


  • MUC-TXL A346 LH2772


  • MUC-TXL A346 LH2772


  • MUC-TXL A333 LH2772


  • VIE-TXL B772 OS271


  • FRA-TXL B744 LH168


  • FRA-TXL B744 LH170
  • FRA-TXL B744 LH178
  • FRA-TXL B744 LH190

Source: Lufthansa and

Note: This list in incomplete. There will be more Lufthansa Group wide body flights to Berlin Tegel, these listed are only the so far public and confirmed ones from 23OCT to 02NOV.

There will be a total of 60 Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 flights from Frankfurt to Berlin Tegel in November and 28 in December 2017.

Lufthansa will start a new route from Berlin to New York (JFK) (flight #LH406) on 08NOV, operating five times a week using an Airbus A330-300. The route was previously operated by Air Berlin until 25SEP on a daily basis.

These aircraft upgrades are required to compensate Air Berlin flights.
Air Berlin has ceased long haul operations on October 16th the final short haul flight will be on October 27th from Munich to Berlin.

More about what will become of Air Berlin routes and aircraft, when the airline is ceasing operations here.

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