Mosquitoes attack on board Indigo flight #6E1859 (video)

On Tuesday, a passenger named Subbu Reddy shared a video of the Dhaka to Kolkata Indigo flight #6E1859.

In the video, two flight attendants can be seen swatting mosquitoes with the help of a mosquito racket. The people on-board also seem to be irritated as they try to get rid of some flies.

Last year, the airline made an official announcement of taking preventive measures by spraying approved insecticides before departure and also placing mosquito repellent patches in the aircraft. Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu had also ordered and inquiry into the incident.

But despite all the probes and preventive measures taken, the situation seems to be the same. In response to the latest video posted by the flyer, Indigo said, “We acknowledge this issue.

While insects/mosquitoes can’t be completely guarded against, we take preventive measures like regular spraying of insecticide and placing mosquito repellent patches to minimise the discomfort.”