thomsondreamliner0703aThomson Airways flight TOM38 was delayed at Gatwick while 25 passengers described as ‘drunk’ were removed from the flight. The Dreamliner was due to take off for Costa Rica when a large group of people started being abusive to cabin crew.

Witnesses said that the flight was first delayed due to technical issues before the passengers started being abusive. Police boarded the flight to remove the passengers – which included a 14 year-old boy – after the pilot refused to fly with them on board.

Sussex police told the Daily Mail: “At 11.35am on Monday police were called to an outbound Thomson flight due to leave Gatwick North Terminal for Costa Rica after the captain refused to fly with a group of 25 male passengers, all adults except for one 14-year old boy, some of whom had been disorderly on the aircraft”.

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