A drunken airline passenger on his way to a funeral threw a punch at an stewardess at 30,000ft after downing four gin and tonics.

Guy Lardinois ended up with a broken leg after being ‘rugby tackled’ by another passenger on the Turkish Airlines flight TK1995 from Istanbul to Manchester.

The Belgian national had been approached by a stewardess who believed he was smoking in the toilets. Lardinois, 40, denied this and asked for another drink before getting out of his seat and moving to the rear of the plane.

Sitting by the 24-year-old stewardess he asked her: “Do you know what I’m going to do to you? You’re f***** up.”

Lardinois then threw a ‘glancing blow’ at the stewardess but missed as she put her hands up to her face, the prosecutor said.

Another passenger then rugby tackled the defendant and knocked him to the floor and Lardinois suffered a broken leg.

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