JOHN F. KENNEDY INTL. AIRPORT – Delta Flight 407 from Orlando executing the 13L approach fix over Canarsie reported a near miss with a drone at approximately 1,300 feet. One of the pilots of DL407 made the near miss aware to the tower controller who immediately began informing other arrivals who were on the same approach.

The pilot stated they missed the drone by no more than 100 feet, which is an extremely close near-miss as FAA separation standards call for at least 1,000 feet of vertical separation. At the time of publishing, there are multiple police helicopters in the area looking for the drone in question along with the person or people flying the drone.

This is only one of many incidents with drones to take place not only at JFK but at numerous airports across the United States. The FAA is currently trying to crackdown on drone usage near airports.

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-Aiman Jarrar

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