NEWS: Boeing Receive $1.49 Billion Contract For Poseidon Program!

Boeing have announced on August 28th, that they have signed a $1.49 Billion contract with the US Navy and the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) for 13 aircraft. The US Navy are due to receive 9 Poseidon Aircraft and the RAAF are due to receive 4 aircraft.

“By working together since the early stages of P-8A development, the U.S. and Australia have created one airplane configuration that serves the needs of both countries,” said Capt. Scott Dillon, U.S. Navy P-8 program manager. “The U.S. and Australian P-8As will be able to operate with each other effectively and affordably for decades to come.”

“Delivering premier aircraft on schedule and on cost has become a hallmark of the P-8 program,” said James Dodd, Boeing vice president and general manager of Mobility, Surveillance and Engagement. “We look forward to building on Boeing’s long-standing relationship with Australia by providing the quality, value and capability of the P-8A.”

Check out what else was said in Boeing’s press release by clicking here!