NEWS Delayed passengers forced terminal door and started chasing an airplane in Poland

On Monday morning, three passengers tried to get on the Ryanair flight from Gdańsk to Warsaw in Poland by chasing a taxiing airplane on the airport apron. They forced the gate door and entered the apron on their own, but Polish border guard treated them very leniently.

Lech Wałęsa Airport in the coastal city of Gdańsk in northern Poland is the third biggest airport in the country. On July 7, 2017, at about 6 am local time, 3 passengers tried to board the Ryanair Boeing 737 departing to Warsaw, but the gate was already closed as they arrived there. A male passenger persuaded two other women that he didn’t know, to force the terminal door and chase the aircraft.

Right after opening the door the alarm went off and after a minute all three passengers were caught by the border guard officers. While in the West they could be treated as potential terrorists, the Polish border guard punished them with light fines – an equivalent of €115 for the man and €45 tickets for each woman.