NEWS Delta to launch ‘SkySpa’, but not for passengers. It’s for the staff!

Delta its launch SkySpa exclusively for use by their employees. The first spa is to open in Salt Lake City in October followed by Atlanta and Dallas in early 2016.

The SkySpa will be available to be used by all employees including flight attendants, customer service agents, cargo and tech ops and ground support. This is to help them look and feel their absolute best when on the job.

SkySpa will feature discounted massages, skin and nail care as well as hair styling along with make up application and uniform alteration services to ensure the employees uniforms will always continue to look professional.

The SkySpa also gives employees the opportunity to order their new uniform pieces and purchase small accessories too.

The airline is partnering with ‘XpressSpa’, a premier spa company with a large presence currently in airports across the US, to help set up the spa-like features. Each spa will have fully trained spa employees to offer a slew of amenities during quick walk in appointments.