A drone flying close to Gatwick airport has led to the closure of the runway.

A spokesman for the airport said the runway was closed for two short periods of nine minutes and five minutes on Sunday evening.

easyJet #U28534 to London Gatwick had to declare an emergency and divert to London Stansted due to low fuel as a drone was reported close to Gatwick area cause important holding.

Several other plans delayed their landings, while Gatwick-bound planes still waiting to depart from other airports delayed their departures.

A number of plans are still waiting to depart Gatwick, with at least one having been held on the runway for two hours.

easyJet said: “easyJet can confirm that as a result of an earlier runway closure at London Gatwick Airport EZY8534 from Naples to London Gatwick diverted to London Stansted.

Sussex Police are investigating the incident.

London Gatwick live tracking

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