NEWS EasyJet flight diverted to Malaga after turbulence causes technical issue

An EasyJet flight from London (LGW) was forced to land in Malaga after encountering severe turbulance on Tuesday.

Flight EZY5163 departed London at 7:30am GMT headed for Almería for a scheduled arrival time of 11:15am local time.

One passenger tweeted to “Loud bang from below when we were bouncing around.”

“Severe turbulence over the mountains ?Pyrenees on Easy Jet flight Gatwick to Almeria. Loud bang at one point. Holding pattern near destination then pilot said suspected structural damage so landing at Malaga. Uneventful landing and only one fire truck seen nearby. Engineers came on board and checked ?air flaps on wings also. Then plane went on to Almeria. Three people deplaned at Malaga.” Passenger Rae Webster told airlivenet.

After further inspection of the aircraft, engineerers confirmed the “lound bang” to be a technical issue from the turbulence.

After over an hour on the ground, the flight continued onto Almeria.
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