NEWS easyJet launches ‘Hands Free’ luggage option for passengers

easyJet, Europe’s leading airline, has launched ‘Hands Free’, allowing passengers to check in their hand luggage at the Bag Drop desk, where they will be tagged as priority and looked after through to the arrival airport.

For the price of £4 per person, or £10 for a group bundle per flight, easyJet gives passengers a stress-free experience, as they do not need to take baggage through security or carry it around the airport. ‘Hands Free’ hand luggage will then be among the first to be delivered at the baggage belt at arrivals.

Passengers with Hands Free will be given small plastic bags to carry their essential items, and are free to take on board any items purchased at the airport. Passengers are also able to board first after those with Speedy Boarding.

The launch of ‘Hands Free’ in France this Spring was a big success, with over 9000 passengers choosing the option in just 4 weeks that easyJet has therefore now rolled it out across its entire network with the exception of London Gatwick.