With the big fight on this weekend between Conor McGregor and Jose Also, thousands of fans are making the journey to Las Vegas to witness what is going to be an excellent flight.

Sadly some people have to ruin it for everybody.

Damien Coyne posted this message to a Facebook Group

Seriously pissed off here. Got delayed at JFK because every time the flight attendant tried to read out the safety procedures onboard the aircraft this drunk Irish fella kept singing Ole Ole Ole & Oggy oggy oggy. So flight crew call the cops and your man gets escorted off the plane. Cos we missed our cue to set off we had to taxi on the runway for ages before we got a slot to take off.
Then we eventually get going, about 25 mins into a 5 and a half hour flight, these other two Irish lads start kicking off at each other. Got very heated and one guy despite everyone on the plane shouting at him to sit down, struck out and threw a few slaps at the other lad. Flight crew go mad, separate the two fellas and now we are on our way back to JFK again!
I’ve been travelling since 10am Irish time yesterday morning to get to Vegas. Now unfortunately for me and a whole packed plane we are all gonna be affected by a few drunk fools. Ruining it for themselves and for everyone else.
Not to mention the fact that these fellas will probably spend a night or two in jail now & miss the fight altogether. Morale of the story here lads, drink by all means and have a good time! But know the one that’s one too many, and look out for each other!!

Video of police on the plane – Via Ruairi McNulty Facebook & Irish Independent

via – joe.ie

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