The dramatic clip was reportedly filmed on a Red Wings flight from Russian capital Moscow to Antalya, Turkey.

The video shows the unruly man screaming and banging the seat in front of him while blood pours from his face.

It is unclear how the sozzled passenger sustained the injury.

Others passengers, including terrified children, watch as the drunk goes berserk on the long haul flight.

The footage then cuts to other travellers and airline staff holding the disruptive gent down.

The brave flyers are shown tying the man’s hands while he is lies horizontal across three seats.

A female passenger bizarrely remains in the seat closest to the window while the troubled traveller yells in distress.

According to reports in Russia, cabin crew tried and failed to calm the drunk passenger down and resorted to restraining him.

When the plane eventually reached its destination, police were waiting for the bloodied man on the tarmac, reports RMF Maxxx.

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